New Insights In Primary Aspects Of Gloc 9 Lyrics?

Oct 10, 2017

Some Basic Answers On Down-to-earth Methods

The poetry man and the rapper dude

Lumbera is no stranger to music himself. He wrote the librettos for the well-received musicals “Tales of the Manuvu,” “Nasa Puso ang Amerika,” “Bayani,” “Noli Me Tangere” and “Hibik at Himagsik ni Victoria Laktaw.” NO RHYMES REQUIRED Host Tessa Prieto-Valdes chats with Gloc-9, Lumbera and Vim Nadera on stage. It is Lumbera’s poetry, however, that is represented in the current Freeway collection. “I had no idea of the kind of work they do,” he says. “They showed me some samples and I liked the concept of wearable art.”  Much of his work is in Filipino, he says, but Freeway used the English translations. Before the launch program wraps up, Valdes suggests a collaboration between Lumbera and Gloc-9 on the lyrics of a new song. “I’ll be most flattered,” says the national artist. “Pero hindi kailangan; kayang-kaya niya (But there is no need for it; he does nicely by himself).” Still, think of the possibilities.  Gloc-9 rapping the literature of  Bienvenido Lumbera should be something worth falling in line for. WHAT works written by Filipinos should every Filipino read?

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